Monday, January 23, 2012


Question: my child is not studying well. Always gets low grades and feels inferior. please help me how to handle the problem of my child?

Answer: It seems your child is not motivated rightly. You should know that you have certain responsibilities as for as your child's academic performance is concerned.

Question: Please tell me, what shall I do in order to rectify my child's problems?

Answer: First of all, you have to find out what distracts you child's studies.How is your home environment?

Question: Home environment is good. But I have some interest in seeing movies and seriel programmes in the television. Would it affect my child's concentration in studies?

Answer: Defenitely. Your child's attention will be diverted when you watch the tv.programmes. It is not possible to ask the child to study when the mother is watching the TV.

Question: young mothers like me won't understand the small mistakes like this. The most important thing is in nuclear families like ours, there is none to guide us also.

Answer: I am happy that you understand the child's problem very well. Always help your child to concentrate on his studies. It is your responsibility to encourage and guide your child in the right direction.

Question: my two year old child is also watching television. Is it harmful to the child?

Answer: defenitely. It is more harmful. Don't allow your two year old child to watch television frequently.



Question: when my child returns home from school, looks very tired, fatigued and very much exhausted. I am very much afraid. Is it normal?

Answer: There is nothing to worry about. Attending shool activities continuously make a child got tired easily. If the is ill or tired all the time he needs attention.

Question: yes doctor, he is tired all the time. Not only tired he doesn't eat properly.

Answer: my advise is, take some precautions and be alert with all activities of your child.

Question: you mean to say that, to watch my child's behaviour all the time.

Answer: exactly. When he reaches home from school, watch his behavioural patterns. Watch whether he is dull, lethargic or bored.

Question: He is not playing very well. Feel worried all the time. He finds some difficulty in getting good sleep. I mean he is not sleeping well.

Answer: It needs careful attention. Go along with your child to the school and enqure all about your child's activities from his class teacher. Collect all details.

Question: Okay, doctor. I will do it now, once I gathered the information I will consult you with the details.

Answer: Okay, don't worry. If the teacher says if your child's activities are normal in school there is nothing to worry about. If she tells somthing negative you can contact the paediatrician.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Why children feel shy - is it due to lack of self confidence?

Generally children feel shy because their age and body image tells them that they are small in stature and strength and very inadequate to perform adult roles or works.

My child is 10 years old. Still he feels shy and nervous. Is it natural or abnormal?

At this age it is defenitely a bit abnormal. A ten year old child is a grown up child. When he feels shy,is it in front of you or in front of the strangers?

Not in front of the family members. He feels shy only in front of the strangers. Is it then normal?

Don't worry. Normally children show a bit of shyness in front of strangers. Once they become friendly with them, their shyness goes and they feel comfortable and behave in a confident manner.

Even with my distant relatives my child feels shy, he never opens his mouth in front of them. His father is also a shy- type and a reseved man. Would this trait affect my child also?

It may be due to the parental trait. Children especially male children imitate the style of their father. To them the father is the role-model.They copy most of the behaviors from him only.

I am afraid,will he in future become a shy-type just like his father? Is  there any remedy to correct it?

yes. There is good number of remedies available. Psychological counseling in the form of cognitive psycho-therapy will be very effective.Consult a competent medical personal so that your child's problem can easily be solved.

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How to identify a teenager who is totally depressed?

His face reveals many things. He may feel sad, somtimes cries have decreased pleasure in his day-to-day activities,no desire to work, have sleep disturbances, feels fatigue, exhaustion and lethargy, most of the time thinks and feels that he is worthless.

What will happen if the crisis deepens.

He may feel inadequate, nervous and jittery. He may think that he doesn't measure up for the 'success'. He may find it dificult to update his knowledge and skills. Finally he may withdraw himself from work, friends and family that may put him into lot of mental pressur and trauma. In this atmosphere he may be compelled to lead a restricted life.

What is euphoric mania?

It is also a form of depression - in otherwords an elevated depression or manic depression. In this condition the teenager may feel optimistic, he may think that he possesses more power and energy. He may at times show unrealistically elevated self regard and esteem.

What is the adverse side - effects of this sort of mania?

This sort of mania brews a dangerous combination of bad impulse control and poor judgement result in unnatural or unrealistic grandiosity. A law abiding person may at times become a law breaking person. This person may engage in crimes, rape, abuse, adultery and all sort of anti-social activities.

Would you committ to say that these youngsters are innocent or ignorant of their bad activities?

In most cases some of the most cruel crimes are generally committed by extremely nice and innocent people, who are mostly gentlemanly and virtuous in nature. It is a pity that these crimes are committed by them when they were in a typical manic state.

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This dialogue is written by DR.HABIBULLAH
senior consultant paediatrician and adolescent psychologist.